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    Virender Rajput All Albums
    Virender Rajput All Albums

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    Mukesh Kathait
    Total Albums: 1
    Total Songs: 5

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    Preetam Bharatwan
    Total Albums: 8
    Total Songs: 56

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    Bishan Hariyala
    Total Albums: 1
    Total Songs: 8

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    Narender Singh Negi
    Total Albums: 22
    Total Songs: 256

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    Manglesh Dangwal
    Total Albums: 5
    Total Songs: 40

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    Kumaoni - Uttarakhand
    Garhwali - Uttarakhand
    Nepali - Nepal
    Himachali - Himachal Pradesh
    Jaunsari - Uttarakhand & Himachal
    10 Random Songs
    Virender Rajput And Meena Rana - Nauni Danda Gaon Ki - Pawan Mero Uttarakhand
    by Virender Rajput
    in Garhwali - Nouni Danda Gaon Ki
    Times Played: 378
    Narender Singh Negi and Sashi Joshi and Meena Rana - Samdola Ka Dwi Din - Samdola Ka Dwi Dini
    by Narender Singh Negi
    in Garhwali - Samdola Ka Dwi Din
    Times Played: 573
    Saheb Singh Ramola - Hainsdi Mukhdi - Sarule Sira Layi
    by Saheb Singh Ramola
    in Garhwali - Hainsdi Mukhdi
    Times Played: 436
    Bishan Hariyala - Chal Mera Kumaon - Chal Mero Kumaun
    by Bishan Hariyala
    in Kumaoni - Kumaon Ki Rangat
    Times Played: 522
    Hosia Umer Chh Meri Kuch Na Bola Meku
    by Narender Singh Negi
    in Garhwali - Hosiya Umar
    Times Played: 963
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