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    Garhwali - Surima
    Total Songs: 42
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    Rajnikant Semwal
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    Kishan Singh Panwar
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    Mukesh Kathait
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    Chander Singh Rahi
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    Gajender Rana
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    Kumaoni - Uttarakhand
    Garhwali - Uttarakhand
    Nepali - Nepal
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    Jaunsari - Uttarakhand & Himachal
    10 Random Songs
    by Nain Nath Rawal
    in Kumaoni - Nain Nath Rawal Hits
    Times Played: 14
    Narendra Singh Negi, Kavilash Negi - Jai Bhole Bhandari - Banbani Ka Naam Weka
    by Narender Singh Negi
    in Garhwali - Jai Bhole Bhandari
    Times Played: 3
    Narender Singh Negi and Anuradha Nirala - Chhibraat - Chhat Chhuti - Tapp Tipi
    by Narender Singh Negi
    in Garhwali - Chhibraat
    Times Played: 916
    Preetam Bharatwan And Meena Rana - Jaagi Re Lave Mandvarti Jaagi Re - Satyun Ki Lave
    by Preetam Bharatwan
    in Garhwali - Jaagi Re
    Times Played: 1032
    Saheb Singh Romla - Kusumba - Oo Meri Maayadar
    by Saheb Singh Ramola
    in Garhwali - Kusumba
    Times Played: 468
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